Preparation for a journey of this caliber cannot be taken lightly; any success invariably a consequence of a lot of meticulous planning, training and sound preparation, supplemented by a number of carefully selected good pacers and an excellent support team.


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Official attempt conditions

  • All attempts must start on a Friday at 10pm (a couple of hours leeway on start time is acceptable).
  • All runners making an official attempt on the challenge must contact us with the dates of their attempt. This is so we are aware of any official attempts being made.
  • This is a solo non-stop challenge; you can be self-sufficient or be supported by a support crew. However, we highly recommend that you use a support crew due to the extreme nature of this challenge. All runners attempting the NCC must stay on the official route and complete the challenge in one continuous effort if they want an official finishers time.
  • You can have as many support runners as you choose along the route.
  • This challenge cannot be taken on as a relay team. It is for solo runners only. However you can take the challenge on with friends but every runner must complete the entire route if they want to be an official finisher.
  • You can set a winter time for the challenge (1st Nov-28th Feb) or a summer time for the challenge (1st Mar-31st Oct). Please note that in the depths of winter this is a really, really tough challenge only to be taken on by experienced ultra-runners.
  • The challenge must start on Friday night at 10pm (or as close to 10pm as possible) at the Devon/Cornwall border. This start time has been chosen to fit in with the ferry crossing (Rock) and the low tide (see route section).
  • To validate your attempt, you will need to carry a GPS device and log distance/time covered. You will also need to take a picture at the Devon/Cornwall border to confirm your starting location.
  • You must carry a mandatory kit list. Kit will not be checked before the challenge but please make sure you carry these items, it is for your safety.
  • You must read through the DISCLAIMER. Attempts on the North Coast Challenge are a private matter and it is taken on entirely at your own risk!!!
  • All finishers of the NCC will receive the very exclusive finisher's window sticker. :)


Coast path navigation is pretty simple, keep the sea to your left or right depending on which way you’re going! The coast path is well marked with acorn signs; however it is highly recommended that contenders and support teams are all familiar with the route. Carrying maps is also recommended as there are some more challenging areas where a bit of planning might be needed. It’s also a good idea to run the sections you will be crossing in the hours of darkness during daylight hours to enhance your familiarity of that section or sections.


acorn coast path sign


Kit list

Trail shoes (plus spares)

Waterproof jacket (with hood)

Waterproof trousers

Head torch (plus spare, at least 100 lumens)

Lots of spare batteries (winter attempts may include 24hrs+ of night time running!)

First aid kit (full kit with support crew)

Personal first aid kit (to be carried at all times)

Survival bag (not blanket)

Mobile phone (fully charged + waterproof bag)

Gloves (plus spares)


Gels/energy bars

1l fluid (min requirement to be carried between check points)


kit list

Food intake

Contenders must appreciate that food intake on a challenge of this nature will be enormous; there is no place for compromise (you cannot function on empty). Food variety is essential, it must be interesting, varied and functional, I.E, stick with what you are accustomed to, as you must eat little and often throughout the duration of your challenge.



Change of clothes

Not essential but very nice to schedule in a short break to include a clothing/footwear change if necessary at halfway. This will certainly set you up for the homebound section of the challenge.

Schedule sheet

The use of the provided schedule sheet is recommended to record your arrival at each check point, plus record your cumulative time as you progress throughout your challenge.


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Last info update: 30.05.2019