Just after 15:00 on the 1st Dec 2013, Steve Wyatt from St Austell and a member of the 'At-Your-Pace Trail Team' crossed the finish line at the iconic Lands End. After covering 142.2 miles in under 41hrs, 25’000ft of ascent and running through two long winter nights, Steve Wyatt had become the first person to complete the North Coast Challenge! With a small crowd of people and a bottle of champagne to greet him, in true Steve Wyatt fashion, not a lot of fuss was made…

Steve had run from the Devon/Cornwall border to Lands End, the entire North coast line of Cornwall, covering 142.2 miles of stunning but brutal coast path. Behind him he left a trail of exhaustion, support runners, support crews and even his training partner Loyd Purvis who retired from the challenge at half way due to Steve's relentless pace.
Having seen first-hand the effort Steve had to put in to complete and set the North Coast Challenge record, we knew we were on to something special. So the North Coast Challenge was born! We really want to put Cornwall on the trail running map. Having trained and raced in Cornwall for some years now, it really is an amazing place to run.


There are some great world famous running challenges up country – Bob Graham round and Ramsey round etc. We thought it was about time we had a challenge to rival these in the South West. This challenge is not to be underestimated; it will test your endurance both mental and physical to its limits!


Steve Wyatt

Steve Wyatt, the first finisher of the North Coast Challenge